Category: Our Work

Partnership & Alliance

Women and girl child development association is built on a rock of creating strong global partnership for development where we have for a long time been networking and working together with a number of member and non-member organizations in Uganda locally and nationally.

Functional Adult Literacy

For this we are running a programme on adult literacy facility[ALEF] we create stronger communities through adult literacy programme. More than 1000 have been transformed through this programme. For example, reading and writing teaching them how to pronounce some words and teaching them how to save. fc


We are involved in budget consultancy. Gender budgeting training for girls and women to be involved and meaning full inclusiveness such that they influence decisions on matters that affect them at local, national, international and global levels.

Economic Empowerment

The empowerment of women and girls is recognized as a fundamental to our mission. Adequate resources are allocated to gender work. We ensure that programme staff carry out gender analysis and through accountability, learning and planning systems, monitor and evaluate programmes for gender goals and develop, employ good practice guidelines and indicators. We ensure that […]