• To facilitate the process of creation of employment for the women and girl child
  • Children with the aim of improving their standard of living at household and communal level.
  • To enhance and build capacities of women and girl child critically analyze situation and come up with practical, viable income generating activities.
  • To encourage members save together so as to be able to loan each other and sustain their individual project.
  • To advocate and solicit financial and technical support to promote women and girl child group’s economic initiatives.
  • To serve as a model small entrepreneur skill development and encourage women and girl children to start income generating projects.
  • To acquire land and property for developmental purposes.
  • To advocate and solicit funds for education for the disadvantaged women and girl child and carry out adult literacy in rural areas.
  • To initiate projects aimed at providing legal aid and counseling.
  • To cooperate with all persons, organizations, bodies, authorities to acquire information exchange

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